Friday, July 30, 2010

Hangin' Out the Dirty Panties

Most people, when they remember a dream they had when they were young, don’t go startin’ a blog and hangin’ their dirty (or even clean) laundry out there for the world to see. So you may be askin’ just why the heck I am postin’ (is this gettin’ annoyin’ yet?) all my stuff for anyone who traipses by to read. My answer: who the heck knows? Seriously, its part easy file storage (never have to lose a good piece, which yes, has happened before, too many times). Its part because its 2010 and ain’t that what we’re supposed to do – hang all our bidness out there for all to see (but PLEASE wear [clean] panties that cover your lady bits, ladies).

Really, maybe its because I think I should have started doing this sooner. When I read the stuff I wrote when I was 24 (which I will soon paste up for all to see, scrutinize, insult or maybe and definitely laugh at), I wish I could get that voice back. She was hilarious. She couldn’t be nice to her boyfriend (poor guy!), hold one job for long or pay off her credit cards, but that girl had something.

Point is, I don’t want to look back in another 5 years and wish I could get the voice of my 29 year old self back, and I sure don’t want to look back in another 5 years and wonder if my 29 year old self even had a voice because I can’t find anything she wrote down. So I’ll add it to this blog, which will be picked up by Google cache to be preserved for posterity, and then may not matter, or then, may stand in the way of a political future if I air too much dirty stuff. Shoot, why am I doing this again?

(Writing this did not help me answer for myself, “Why”. Oh well. On to the weekend!)

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